The Queer Mobilization Fund was created in 2016 as a rapid response fund to support community mobilizations and projects that advance Queer and Trans liberation in the wake of NC House Bill 2 (HB2). The purpose of this fund was and is to support queer and trans people of color on the frontlines of struggles for freedom and liberation. Many queer and trans people of color recognize the legacy of slavery, genocide, and violence that made HB2 possible. It is with this reflective lens that illuminates our histories and inspires change in our realities, that supporting queer and trans people of color organizing to reclaim our futures is centered in our funding efforts.

Since our inception, QMF has supported grassroots organizing and community-building efforts across North Carolina. Historically we have primarily conducted rapid response funding, with grants ranging between $500-$750. After conducting a series of listening circles in 2018, we shifted QMF’s model to receiving applications once per year for requests up to $5,000. 

We prioritize moving grants to LGBTQ, people of color led organizations doing work in the U.S. Southeast, though we prioritize applications from North Carolina. QMF wants to support communities that are often barred from receiving financial support for their efforts. Our fund is able to support organizations and groups whether or not they have 501(c)3 status.


QMF Annual Reports

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